My name is Kelsey. I was born June 15,1993 in Houston, Texas. When I was three years old my family and I moved to a small town on the East Coast of Virginia called Gloucester County. Ive lived here since but, I do hope not to live here forever. I would love to travel the world and the very least move to Europe and live there permanently. My favorite color is purple but, I also like red and black. I have a one year old Siberian husky pup named Ouija. He is my world.I am a free-lance photographer and would one day like to do it commercially but, right now I just take photos of anything and everything for people that ask me to. I read books pretty much everyday, escaping into the fantasy worlds is one of my favorite things to do. I mostly read YA fantasy but, I try to read all genres. I also like to write but, Ive never been able to finish a book I have started to write. My favorite genre of music is Metal but, I occasionally listen to everything except country and pop. My favorite bands are HIM,Lamb of God,Trivium,Metallica and Children of Bodom. I also like to watch movies very often and TV shows. My favorite movies are Underworld,The Matrix Trilogy, Harry Potter, and Boondock Saints. My favorite TV shows are House,The Walking Dead,Supernatural,Breaking Bad and NCIS.

I’d love to make new friends and discuss common interests so feel free to comment below!

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      1. I’ve been without my computer so my blog has been slacking the last few months. Buuuut. Hopefully I’ll be back in the game soon! Lol

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