Review: One Broken Day by Melissa MaVicar

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One-Broken-Day-coverThe Synopsis:

The bullets missed her. The trauma did not.
After a notorious school shooting leaves her a shadow of the girl she once was, seventeen-year-old Lizzie Beringer moves to Nantucket Island. There, Lizzie vows to hide her identity as the shooter’s sister. All her efforts to fly under the radar, however, are complicated by her P.T.S.D. and the attention she receives from two competing boys. While fending off the not-so-subtle advances of popular athlete Michael Wickersham, she must also deal with her growing feelings for her shy lab partner, Gage Pike. Gage may act like he’s all wrong for her, but the pull between them is undeniable. Under the threat of discovery and the possibility of testifying in a televised trial, Lizzie fights to keep her secrets and start her life over. One Broken Day is a brilliantly imagined story exploring the ways we are all broken and at the same time, offered redemption in the most unexpected of places.


My Review:

This book does contain strong sexual references and goes into detail about the school shooting, but I still recommend it to anyone that enjoys contemporary, chick-lit, coming of age, love stories, tragic stories, anything that really just touches your heart.

” No matter where you go and who you try to be, your past will follow.”

This book is about things that could actual happen and books and movies like that always make me think about things in life. I probably will never forget this book. You can either deeply connect with Lizzie or you possibly could connect with Thomas. I know I could see the pain Thomas felt, but obviously there was something deeper than anything I have ever gone through for this character to do what he did. Lizzie lost so much that one broken day, but with the help of Gage she might gain more than she ever had before.

Teaser #2 MacVicar One Broken DayI really loved all the characters. They had their own unique personalities. They all had their own stories, not just Lizzie. Wick even grew on me!

“Wick was turning out to be sort of amusing even if I should have hated him for what he did to Gage.”

Teaser # 1 One Broken Day LaineyWhile there is a love triangle, kinda. Mostly a game of cat and mouse. It did not consume the story. There were heartwarming and heartbreaking moments, cute but serious moments, there were good times and bad times. This book covered it all.  The ending couldn’t have gotten any better, it was perfect. I wouldn’t mind a sequel though. 😉 I think this is a stand alone novel though, but I am not sure.


MacVicar Author Photo.jpg

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Review: Royal Replicas by Michael Pierce


Image result for royal replicas bookThe Synopsis:

“Princess Amelia is dead… and one of you will replace her.”
Seventeen-year-old Victoria Sandalwood has served the Duke and Duchess all her life. Over the years, she’s learned to make due with what she has and endure her surrogate father’s awful punishments. She dreams of escape, but never expected it to come in the form of a message from the Queen of Westeria. Victoria learns that she’s the Queen’s daughter, the younger sister to Princess Amelia, and it’s time to come home and claim her birthright. When she arrives, she discovers she’s not the only one who received the royal message. Victoria must compete with six other girls to earn the affection of both the Queen and a princely suitor… and to replace the secretly deceased Princess Amelia. If she fails to win the crown, Victoria may just have to fight for her life…Royal Replicas is the first book in a YA dystopian series. If you enjoy courtly intrigue, heart-pounding adventure, and sweet romance, then you’ll love this captivating story. Perfect for fans of Kiera Cass, Bella Forrest, and Veronica Roth.


My Review:

Goodreads – 5/5 Stars

Wow, this book went beyond my expectations.

I’ll start off by saying that there is some detailed child abuse in this story. Just to warn people that are sensitive to the matter. It’s mostly whippings gone to far. I did not like the abuse in the story, but it did make the story more complete and rounded. You really feel for the character and understand how much winning and over coming it all means to them.

“I made sure each book received no more than an extra crease in my care; they were so sacred to me. They were my escape.”

I saw some previous reviews comparing it to Twilight, but I don’t think it’s anything like Twilight at all. There is a one paragraph shouting out Twilight and that is it. I actually quite liked the mention of Twilight, I thought it was cute because she had no idea what Twilight was because it was thousands of years before her time. I also saw it was compared to The Selection, but I have not read that series yet so I do not know.

There was a lot of drama and sadness but, also a lot of charm, and charisma and heart racing moments. I loved the steampunk theme of the book. I think it actually might be my first actual steampunk read. Victoria was such a great character and I am a big fan of the Prince. 😍 There was kind of a love triangle going on, for Victoria while also in the running to win the Prince’s heart. Yes, the prince is part of this triangle.

This really is different than most dystopian stories. It was interesting from the beginning, and it kept me interested. The ending was so fantastic I just know the next book is going to be even more awesome. This series is definitely going to be great. I cannot wait to see where Micheal goes with this story.

“For the first time in my life, I had to find someway to take control of my destiny and not be the pawn in everyone else’s games; I needed to find insurance of my own.”

 Related image

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  • Website, if you sign up for his news letter you’ll receive  a free EXCLUSIVE short story prequel of Royal Replicas, Reset. I read it after Royal Replicas and I think it was a nice edition to the story. There is also abuse in this story as well.
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Review: The Crowns of Croswald by D.E Night

I received this e-book from Net Galley and was overly excited to read it. This is D.E. Night’s debut novel and after reading this, I cannot wait to read her future novels!


Image result for the crowns of croswaldIn Croswald, the only thing more powerful than dark magic is one secret…

For sixteen years Ivy Lovely has been hidden behind an enchanted boundary that separates the mundane from the magical. When Ivy crosses the border, her powers awaken. Curiosity leads her crashing through a series of adventures at the Halls of Ivy, a school where students learn to master their magical blood and the power of Croswald’s mysterious gems. When Ivy’s magic––and her life––is threatened by the Dark Queen, she scrambles to unearth her history and save Croswald before the truth is swept away forever.



My Review:

Goodreads – 5/5 Star

“To the one to whom this box is entrusted, signed the hand that left her.”

I was really excited to read this book ever since I first saw it. I love the cover and all things magic is awesome. This book is more of a middle grade novel, but I think all ages would enjoy it. This story reminded me a lot of Harry Potter and a little of The Magicians TV show. Ivy is quite the adventurous character she is like a female Harry Potter. While it does remind me a lot of Harry Potter, it is still unique in it’s own way. Unique potions and magical jewels, It’s such a wonderful and colorful story.

This is D.E. Night’s debut novel,full of fun adventures and is enchanting, beautifully descriptive, creative, and imaginative.  I was glad to have found a new magical series to look forward to. You’ll be introduced to all kinds of new magical creatures and unique fairies and dragons!

I am super excited for the next book in this series even though The Crowns of Croswald isn’t even out till July 21, 2017, which is right around the corner. I can’t wait to continue Ivy’s adventures and see what becomes of her and her friends.

“All of this, sneaking in, stealing keys, using magic outside of classrooms, and a little book theft has you nervous?”

Image result for the crowns of croswald

Image result for d.e. night author

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Review: Lock and Mori Mind Games by Heather W. Petty

If you haven’t already be sure to check out my review on the first book Review: Lock and Mori by Heather W. Petty


Image result for lock and mori mind gamesYou know their names. Now discover their beginnings.

Mori’s abusive father is behind bars…and she has never felt less safe. Threatening letters have started appearing on her doorstep, and the police are receiving anonymous tips suggesting that Mori—not her father—is the Regent’s Park killer. To make matters worse, the police are beginning to believe them.

Through it all, Lock—frustrating, brilliant, gorgeous Lock—is by her side. The two of them set out to discover who is framing Mori, but in a city full of suspects, the task is easier said than done. With the clock ticking, Mori will discover just how far she is willing to go to make sure that justice is served, and no one—not even Lock—will be able to stop her.

My Review:

“Are you such a believer in the law? Or are you just afraid of who I might become outside of it?”

oh my gosh the twists! The secrets! The deception! This book has left me with a gasp and I have to wait till November 28th to find out how this story will continue. I could read about Lock and Mori forever. I wish this series was never ending. I love these characters so much and all their cases they work on. I had high expectations for this book and it did not let me down. I felt like I was solving the case of who was after Mori right along with Lock and Mori.

While Mori is trying to find out who is trying to frame her she is also trying to fight her inner demons of blaming herself for her “sins”. I feel so deeply for Mori and I’m hoping all the best for her and I really don’t think she is as evil as she thinks herself out to be. Of course the story is not over and Mori could be pushed to her final limits.

As for Lock and Mori’s relationship they are kinda in unknown territory. Sherlock treads lightly with Mori and just when I thought everything was gonna be okay. Well the there was a twist. I am still hoping for the best, I never know what is coming when it comes to this story.

“I stood there, on the edge of the bloody bridge, because he was mine. Sherlock was mine and I wanted him. I loved him, and maybe it was wrong, or twisted, but I couldn’t be swayed. Not again.”

I recommend this story to anyone and everyone, Sherlock Holmes fans or not. It such an enjoyable story. ❤

Image result for lock and mori final fall


Lock and Mori Final Fall
is released November 28, 2017
Pre-Order it now on
Book Depository
and Barnes & Noble



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Review: No Plain Rebel (Book 2 of No Ordinary Star) by M.C Frank

If you haven’t already be sure to check out my review of the first book in the series Review: No Ordinary Star (Book 1) By: M.C Frank


A soldier is summoned to the North Pole, days before the year changes, told to fix a the great Clock for a celebration. He has no idea what to do.
A girl, hunted for the crime of being born, almost dies out on the ice. She is rescued by the last polar bear left alive.
A library waits for them both, a library built over a span of a hundred years, forgotten in the basement of an ice shack.
The world hasn’t known hunger or sickness in hundreds of years. It has also forgotten love and beauty.
The year is 2525



Image result for no plain rebelInspired by the short stories of Ray Bradbury, this futuristic novel is set in a world where Christmas -among other things- is obsolete and a Clock is what keeps the fragile balance of peace.

Written in three installments, this is the breathtaking and sensual story of how two unlikely people change the world, and each other, one book at a time.

Immerse yourself into the icy cold world of this scorching hot new novel.


In No Plain Rebel, Felix finds out the truth.
Or so he thinks. He’s trying to come to terms with that, as well as with the fact that the Clockmaster’s shack has been discovered by his fellow-soldiers, but he can’t exactly concentrate. The match girl’s fiery curls appear before his eyes every ten seconds, distracting him, and then he starts talking to her in his head.
Because she’s no longer there.
The Stadium is looming in the distance.
It’s ten heartbeats to midnight.


My Review:

Goodreads – 5 Stars!

The Tin Soldier and The Match Girl ❤

M.C Frank did it again! I did not think that anything could top the first book No Ordinary Star, but as this story progressed I just wanted  more and more. The writing blew me away again!

“One World, One Peace, One People.”

The story is even more thrilling, and once you start reading you won’t want to stop. This Image result for polar bear facebook definitely gets best cliffhanger of the year award. I can only imagine how awesome No Vain Loss will be, I have a feeling it is going to top it all and blow my mind even more. No Plain Rebel was fast paced and I love fast paced books. There was definitely a few things I did not see coming. There was even a part that had me tearing up for a second. We learned so much in these 200 pages so that the next can focus on events, as we already know the setting. You get to know Felix and Astra even more as they get to know each other.

“You Promised to save me, didn’t you?” And you promised to commit another crime with me.” she says.

Image result for christmas lightsI felt like I was living life right along side both Felix and Astra. I loved how many things they discovered together and how much they progressed. I loved all the mentions of the Greek elements and the Christmas stories. One of my favorite heart breaking stories was mentioned. I loved the part of them learning about what Christmas is, these poor souls don’t even know who Jesus is.

“They read so many timer words that have become obsolete, that after a point it’s hard to keep them straight. …..
What’s a ‘candy cane’?
It sounds like a gun or a classified database.”

I am absolutely so excited for the next book I cannot wait! It is definitely going to be so epic! Fans of  Fantasy, Dystopian, Sci-fi, Action will definitely love this series. I think anyone will love this series, It is just so enjoyable and you can put yourself right in these charterers shoes. I recommend this series to everyone.

No Plain Rebel is available for purchase at:
Amazon,Book Depository and recommended for European buyers Create Space
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Amazon-M.C. Frank


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Review: Rosemarked by Livia Blackburne

This is my first Livia Blackburne book and it was great and refreshing. I was given this book by NetGalley and it will be released on November 7, 2017. I am already super excited for its sequel.


Image result for rosemarkedA healer who cannot be healed . . .

When Zivah falls prey to the deadly rose plague, she knows it’s only a matter of time before she fully succumbs. Now she’s destined to live her last days in isolation, cut off from her people and unable to practice her art—until a threat to her village creates a need that only she can fill.

A soldier shattered by war . . .

Broken by torture at the hands of the Amparan Empire, Dineas thirsts for revenge against his captors. Now escaped and reunited with his tribe, he’ll do anything to free them from Amparan rule—even if it means undertaking a plan that risks not only his life but his very self.

Thrust together on a high-stakes mission to spy on the capital, the two couldn’t be more different: Zivah, deeply committed to her vow of healing, and Dineas, yearning for vengeance. But as they grow closer, they must find common ground to protect those they love. And amidst the constant fear of discovery, the two grapple with a mutual attraction that could break both of their carefully guarded hearts.

This smart, sweeping fantasy with a political edge and a slow-burning romance will capture fans of The Lumatere Chronicles and An Ember in the Ashes.

Image result for 3 crows

My Review:

Goodreads – 5/5 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It’s unlike anything I have ever read with a plague, potions, and a soldier. The book is fast paced and never has a dual moment. It doesn’t take long at all to get to the start of Zivah and Diaeas mission. The book is both in Zivah and Diaeas’s POV depending on the chapter you are reading.  I think that made the story even better. I loved Zivah and Diaeas and all the side characters. They all had there own great personalities. Zivah captivated me from the start. Her struggles to balance her commitment to healing and her vows to her Goddess were interesting to watch progress. She really grows throughout the book in many ways and I think becomes stronger in the end. I also fell for Diaeas’s from the beginning and really felt for him. We don’t know his whole back story, but we know enough that you’ll understand him completely on the way he feels. The writing of this book was great. Blackburne did a great job especially on the “two Diaeas’s” 😉

“The old Dineas would never have shown such happiness at the sight of me, but the new Dinea’s smile is infectious, and his eyes are warm”

This world Livia Blackburne created is unlike any other. There were unexpected twists, and moments that had me holding my breath. Things that I didn’t think would happen. Some parts had my heart skipping a beat. This book really was something else.

“I can give you sleeping potions. The kind I use in my blow gun for capturing animals, if you promise not to harm your victims after they fall asleep”
“That’s a complicated set of rules”
Is there anything about our situation that isn’t complicated”?

The ending came fast and it was great. I am already dying to have the next book. I am rooting for Zivah and Diaeas and their people and I hope there will be peace, but I have a feeling there will definitely be war.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any comments or questions feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear them. ❤

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Review: Starr Fall by Kim Briggs

I was given this book by Kim Briggs herself. This is my first time reading a Kim Brigg’s book and I have no regrets at all reading it. I loved it! I can’t wait to continue this series!


The Synopsis:

Image result for starr fall by kim briggsOn the run from the Organization, Starr never planned on falling in love.

Starr Bishop’s the complete package. A perfect smile, brains to match, and a winning attitude. Boys want to date her and girls want to be her. She’s the type of girl you want to hate, if only she wasn’t so damn likable. But don’t worry, she’s not interested in your boyfriend. Boys are one complication she can live without.

When the Organization decides she’s not only the model student but the ideal assassin, Starr’ll need a lot more than high test scores and extracurricular involvement to get herself out of that commitment.

Dark, moody, and dead sexy Christian Evergood is the last person she’d expect—or even want— to come to her rescue. From opposite ends of Webster High’s social hierarchy, their lives collide in one electrifying moment. Christian isn’t the Goth loner he pretends to be, he’s a part Cherokee, All-American boy who wants to be a hero, Starr’s hero. Christian makes Starr forget that the Organization is after her, but nothing will stop the Organization from collecting their top recruit.

By the way, the spot for junior class president just became available.


Related image

My Review:

Goodreads-5/5 Stars

First, Look at that cover! Isn’t it just beautiful!? That right there just made me want to read it. Second, The Synopsis! Running away from an Organization that is trying to make you an assassin! That sounded awesome.

If your a fan of Thrillers with a little bit of secrets and mystery. You’ll love this. It reminded me of the movie Barely Lethal and I don’t know why, but it kinda reminded me of Divergent even though it’s not a Distopian, but it kinda reminded me of the Dauntless being turned into killing machines. That’s what I think this Organization wants.

“I’m no longer swimming to win the race, I’m swimming to save my life.”

I loved Starr’s personality she makes me think of myself. She’s strong and independent,Image result for blueberry muffins but also kinda shy. Starr loves to make lists and I thought that was so cool because I always make lists for everything too! 😀 I really liked Christian at first mostly because he wore a Ramones t-shirt, but as the story goes along. Christian starts to act a little bit possessive. He has become obsessed with keeping an eye on Starr and making sure she is safe. Which nothing is wrong with that and Starr does set him straight a lot. But there is something about Christian I can’t quite put my finger on, but I feel like he might be hiding something. That could just be my imagination though.

I liked the way the book was written because it was like Starr was talking to me the whole time and I could clearly see everything happening. It was fast paced and got right down to the point from the beginning. Things start to slow down when they are on the run and it starts to get more personal. Then when Starr thinks she can relax something I totally didn’t see coming happened. The ending of the book has me excited for the next book Starr Lost. Starr is definitely out for some revenge and I can’t wait to see what is going to go down!

“Starr, revenge is a dangerous business.” “Christian, the Organization hasn’t met dangerous yet.”

Related image


What is up with all the blueberry muffins you ask?
You’ll have to read the book to find out! 😉


About the Author:

Image result for kim briggs authorKim once smashed into a tree while skiing. The accident led to a concussion, a cracked sternum, temporary notoriety as a sixth grader returned from the dead, and the realization that fictionalized accounts are way more interesting than just slipping on the ice.
An unhealthy obsession with conspiracy theories combined with a love of travel and happily ever afters led Kim to write her YA novel, Starr Fall, where a secret organization decides 17 year old Starr Bishop is not only the model student, but the ideal assassin. While in hiding, Starr meets dark, moody, and dead sexy Christian Evergood. Cue the swoon worthy music. But it’s not all happily ever afters for Kim. Her NA novel, And Then He, explores the dark and scary corners of the human psyche. Following a night of innocent flirting with a handsome stranger, Tiffani finds herself in the midst of a nightmare she can’t escape. And Then He is available now through Amazon and other major book retailers. Starr Fall, Book One of the Starr Fall series released November 2016 with Inkspell Publishing. Starr Lost, Book Two released January 5, 2017. Her short story, Avalanche, will be part of Valentine Kisses releasing February 14, 2017. Starr Gone, Book Three of the Starr Fall series releases June 2017.
As the Co-Regional Advisor to SCBWI Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, she meets lots of writer and illustrator friends. Through SCBWI, she met her Ink Sisters. The Ink Sisters destruct plot like ninja warrior poets. They make her laugh, especially when she wants to cry. They’re awesome. You should follow them on Twitter: @Alisongmyers  @DonnaBoock
When she’s not doing something writerly, Kim can be found jumping into snow drifts with her three kids, husband, and dog. She’s careful to avoid trees.

Image result for facebook twitter instagram

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Related image

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Review: Lock and Mori by Heather W. Petty

Image result for lock and mori

The Synopsis:

In modern-day London, two brilliant high school students—one Sherlock Holmes and a Miss James “Mori” Moriarty—meet. A murder will bring them together. The truth very well might drive them apart.

Before they were mortal enemies, they were much more…

FACT: Someone has been murdered in London’s Regent’s Park. The police have no leads.

FACT: Miss James “Mori” Moriarty and Sherlock “Lock” Holmes should be hitting the books on a school night. Instead, they are out crashing a crime scene.

FACT: Lock has challenged Mori to solve the case before he does. Challenge accepted.

FACT: Despite agreeing to Lock’s one rule—they must share every clue with each other—Mori is keeping secrets.

OBSERVATION: Sometimes you can’t trust the people closest to you with matters of the heart. And after this case, Mori may never trust Lock again.


My Review:

Goodreads-5/5 Star

I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and I was completely satisfied of this retelling. I saw a lot of negative reviews on Goodreads and I absolutely disagree with them all. I see a lot of people didn’t like the way Sherlock was portrayed. I think Heather W. Petty did a fantastic job at portraying Sherlock. I think a lot of people are forgetting that this is a modern story and Lock is a teenager! I also have no idea why any one would think this story was bland. There really wasn’t one boring moment in this book. It was never at a slow pace. It was exciting and full of surprises!

This whole book was such a surprise to me! I thought it was a children’s book when I received it, but boy I was wrong! This book is full of humor and a bit of cursing, but that is totally fine with me. This story also covers child abuse and of course murder. All in all, I think it is a cute twist on the stories of Sherlock. I loved how Heather W. Petty presented Sherlock,Moriarty,Mycroft and yes there is even some Watson! I hope to see even more of them in the future books.

There is a love interest between Lock and Mori, but I liked it. I think it added more to the story and could take a turn to the opposite or could progress into something more. I do hope that it does take turn for the good though. Lock and Mori as a couple is adorable. I also think Lock is really good for Mori. But who know what is going to happen especially if Mori is really like the Moriarty we know.

This book was such a fun read. I really enjoyed the case they worked on. I loved Lock’s personality, of course and Mori’s as well! Mori was such a strong and brave character. I compared myself to her and her personality. I felt like I would have made a lot of the same dissensions she made.

“He can’t make you less than you are. No one could.”

I loved the writing and the setting of the story. Even though it was in Mori’s point of view I felt Lock’s emotions and pictured Lock’s point of view clearly. I can’t wait to see where this story is heading next. The ending of Lock and Mori was taking a dark turn, but it was very bittersweet.

“Maybe that’s how one becomes a killer. Not with decision, but with acceptance.”

I really enjoyed this book and I am so glad that I already own the second book in the series Mind Games. I am also really excited for the third book Final Fall to come out in November and I look forward to reading Heather W. Petty future books.

“The game was definitely afoot.”

Image may contain: 4 people

One Of My Favorite Parts

Just a little taste.

Spoiler Free ❤

“You’ve been skiving off, and now you’re caught”
I tried my best to smile at him. “By you?”
“Yes,by me”
“And how do you know this, Mr. Holmes?” I leaned close. “Where’s your proof?”
“I sat outside your chemistry class and you never came out”
He was awfully cute when he was smug. Irritating, but cute. “How do you know I didn’t just leave class early?” So, it was more on the irritating side when he leaned in and smelled my hair.
“You’ve been in the park!”

“You can smell the park on me?”
“No, your hair tells me you took a bus. Your shoes tell me you were at the park, most likely after ten forty-five this morning” I looked down, and there were green stains on my trainers and little bits of grass stuck to the canvas. “Or maybe out on the the football field.”
“No, unfortunately for you, our school’s grounds staff mows the field after seven each night. The sprinklers come on at dawn, washing those pesky leavings into the the thatch. But the park –“
“You are now going to tell me that you know the grounds schedule to Regent’s Park?
He reached down and pulled a leaf off the bottom of my shoe and held it up. “This says you were down at the canal”  I very much failed to restrain my grin.
“You were at the crime scene. Without me.”
Lock was also cute when he scowled.

Image result for heather w petty

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*All images from Google

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Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

If you haven’t already be sure to check out my Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo



After pulling off a seemingly impossible heist in the notorious Ice Court, criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker feels unstoppable. But life is about to take a dangerous turn—and with friends who are among the deadliest outcasts in Ketterdam city, Kaz is going to need more than luck to survive in this unforgiving underworld.






My Review:

Image result for no mourners no funerals


“They don’t know who we are. Not really. They don’t know what we’ve done, what we’ve managed together. So let’s go show them they picked the wrong damn fight.”

The Six of Crows Duology is definitely my favorite books of all time right along side George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. Through out the whole book Bardugo had my heart racing. Of course there was never a dull moment. How could a story with Kaz Brekker ever be dull?

“Kaz had tapped his crow’s head cane on the flagstones of the tomb floor. “Do you know what Van Eck’s problem is?”
“No honor?” said Matthias.
“Rotten parenting skills?” said Nina.
“Receding hairline?” offered Jesper.
“No,” said Kaz. “Too much to lose. And he gave us a map to what to steal first.”

Image result for crooked kingdom fanart
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I really loved every single character so very much. I thought I loved them in Six of Crows, but in this book as I got to know them individually even more, I fell deeply for them.They are the most unique diverse characters I have ever come upon, EVER! I loved how there was more of Wylan’s point of view in this book more and he really opened up, it was so awesome and adorable.

Have any of you wondered what I did with all the cash Pekka Rollins gave us?”
“Guns?” asked Jesper.
“Ships?” queried Inej.
“Bombs?” suggested Wylan.
“Political bribes?” offered Nina. They all looked at Matthias. “This is where you tell us how awful we are,” she whispered.

I have not read the Grisha Trilogy, but there were a few Grisha in Crooked Kingdom from the Grisha series and they were so awesome as well. So very soon I will be reading Shadow and Bone. Heck, I’m going to read all of Leigh Bardugo’s books! I can’t wait for September for the Language of Thorns! Leigh Bardugo’s writing style is amazing! I felt every emotion from every character, and could clearly visualize everything in the story.

“My mother is Ketterdam. She birthed me in the harbour. And my father is profit. I honour him daily.”


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You gotta love this image of the map of Ketterdam that is in the book! 😍

The ending of the story was great, but things are definitely left open for more stories! I am praying that Bardugo will add onto this series or at the very least give some of these characters their own books. I heard rumors that she will. I do hope they are true.

I actually cried through the last 50 pages of this book. I have never cried through 50 pages of any book before! Maybe one scene, but not 50 pages. I was literally reading it through blurry teary eyes choking out the words.

“I would come for you,” he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again. “I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together—knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”

I need more!
I need more Grisha!
I need more Ketterdam!
It was like saying goodbye to friends.
Two days later and I’m still thinking about how I can’t believe its over.
I need more Kaz Brekker and his crew!

“Don’t worry, Da. People point guns at each other all the time in Ketterdam. It’s basically a handshake.”

I’ll forever want more of this amazing, magical, intense,mysterious, brooding story full of assassins and impossible heists, bad-ass charters fulfilling there duty of what they think is right! Any fan of Fantasy,Action,Magic and anything and everything dealing with awesomeness will love this series and I highly recommend it!

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No Mourners, No Funerals!


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