New Release/Author Interview:The Fire Raven

The NEW RELEASE (Book Three):

The Fire Raven: The Winter Vendetta by [Owumi, Alex]After Raven witnessed the tragic deaths of her father and brother, she finds herself in an unfamiliar place. She has gone from being the hunter to being the hunted, and knows she can’t run forever, but quite frankly she doesn’t even want to run. All she knows is she needs to get away, in order to come back and seek the ultimate revenge for her family. With her back against the wall and feeling more vulnerable than she ever has, she knows this task cannot be done without some type of support. After some time, she finally finds that support from family to hopefully help her take down the leader who shattered her life when she had just got it back. She has no boundaries, nothing will stop her from killing unless she dies first. Raven knows this must be done, there is no turning back, and this could go one of two ways. Will Raven live or die?

Book Two:

The Fire Raven: Welcome To Winter by [Owumi, Alex]

The Fire Raven: Welcome To Winter

The journey to unlock her past has been a tough one for Raven. The search has taken her all over the world with people she never knew existed and committing crimes she never thought she was capable of. The road has been difficult and quite confusing for Raven but her main focus is to unlock her past at all cost. As she finds out more and more about her family and the love ones she has lost, she discovers that the one person missing from her life for the past ten years, her father all of a sudden finds his way back to her.
But as she wants answers about her past, her family wants her to switch her focus to something more important. They convince her to focus on the family business and join them in their venture to overtake the agency from the most dangerous people in the world.

Book One:

The Fire Raven by [Owumi, Alex]

The Fire Raven

Raven Winter is known as the world’s most dangerous assassin. She comes from a family of assassins and killing has been her expertise for years. The Recruitment Agency is her main employer and for many years they have sent her on missions all over the world to kill some of the most dangerous people known to man. Not knowing much of her past, she only knows the life the agency has taught her, but as she gets older she wants to know more about events and people from her past.
One mission, a mission she thought was just another routine job turns into a mission that opens up a door from her past. With this one mission, she realizes that what she was once taught about her past wasn’t true and her life up to this point has been a lie. But on this day she has opened up a door that she can’t turn around and walk out of. It has caused her to dig deep into her past, and to reveal her past she has to love, lie and kill.

About The Author:

An image posted by the author.Alex Owumi was born in Lagos Nigeria, and moved to the United States at the age of eleven. He is the best-selling author of QADDAFI’S POINT GUARD: The incredible story of a professional basketball player trapped in Libya’s civil war which was an international bestseller. His debut novel ‘The Fire Raven’ had a top five debut on the Amazon bestseller list under Thriller/Suspense. He is also a professional basketball player in Europe and currently is playing in the British Basketball League.

Author Q&A:

  1. What inspired the idea of the Fire Raven Trilogy?
    The Fire Raven came from a imaginary story from my childhood in Nigeria. I’ve always been in love with suspense and thrillers and knew I would turn it into a book when I got older. 
  2. Why did you make Raven an assassin?
    I made Raven an assassin because I love writing about female protagonist. I wanted her to be a bad-ass individual.
  3. Was it difficult to write about a female?
    I think it was a little difficult to write about a female. I really had to focus on putting myself in her shoes. 
  4. Is there any personal experiences from your life in the Raven Fire series?
    Raven travels through towns that I have visited in England. I put specifics on certain places that I have been to.
  5. Why did you decide to become a writer?
    I decided to become a writer because I loved to tell stories as a child. I wanted to make sure I brought them to life as an adult. 
  6. What advice do you have for new writers?
    My advice for new writers is to be confident in your writing. Keep writing because practice makes perfect. Don’t worry about people not liking your work just focus on being the best writer you can be. 


Purchase Links:
Book Three – Winter Vendetta

Book Two – Welcome Winter

Book One – The Fire Raven

All FREE on Kindle Unlimited, 99 cents otherwise, Paperbacks also available!



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Rosemarked Blitz and Giveaway!


Hello everyone! Here is a special post from Livia Blackburne, author of Rosemarked! I loved her book so much and you can check out my review here: Review: Rosemarked by Livia Blackburne


Hi Everyone!

This is Livia Blackburne, and I’m thrilled to share ROSEMARKED with you at long last. There are a lot of elements to this book, including a love story, a spy story, reflections on trauma and mortality, medical ethics, and political intrigue.  Perhaps because of this, my research for the book was equally eclectic, from archery and stick fighting lessons, to chats with memory researchers and soldiers, and lots and lots of reading, including books about leper colonies, hospice care, and PTSD. Hopefully, I wove it all into an entertaining and thought-provoking story!

This story centers on Zivah, a talented healer with an incurable illness, and Dineas, a traumatized soldier. The two couldn’t be more different, and I had a lot of fun writing their unlikely love story.  In order to work together, they both have to let go of their own prejudices and preconceptions. It’s a painful process, with fights and misunderstandings, anger, laughter and tears, but in the end, they both come out as stronger people.

To celebrate the ROSEMARKED release, I’m offering 3 lucky winners a ROSEMARKED swag pack, which includes a copy of ROSEMARKED and a signed bookplate! Due to sweepstakes laws, entrants must be 18 years or older to participate. Best of luck, and happy reading!

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The first in a duology, ROSEMARKED (Hyperion | On Sale November 7, 2017) by New York Times bestselling author Livia Blackburne follows a healer and a solider on a high-stakes mission to spy on the Empire to uncover a deadly secret. With sizzling chemistry and a heartrending ethical dilemma, this thrilling fantasy with nuanced characters will capture fans of An Ember in the Ashes and The Lumatere Chronicles.


New York Times best-selling author LIVIA BLACKBURNE has a PhD in neuroscience from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she conducted research on the neural correlates of reading. She still blogs on the intersection of writing and brain science, and she now lives in Los Angeles with her family. Livia is also the author of Midnight Thief, an Indies Introduce New Voices selection, and its sequel, Daughter of Dusk.

Rosemarked (1)

ROSEMARKED by Livia Blackburne 

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Also by this author…


New York Times Bestseller 2014

Indies Introduce New Voices Pick

2015 YALSA Teens’ Top Ten Nominee

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Review: League of American Traitors by Matthew Landis

The Synopsis:

31213370When seventeen year-old Jasper is approached at the funeral of his deadbeat father by a man claiming to be an associate of his deceased parents, he’s thrust into a world of secrets tied to America’s history—and he’s right at the heart of it.

First, Jasper finds out he is the sole surviving descendant of Benedict Arnold, the most notorious traitor in American history. Then he learns that his father’s death was no accident. Jasper is at the center of a war that has been going on for centuries, in which the descendants of the heroes and traitors of the American Revolution still duel to the death for the sake of their honor.

His only hope to escape his dangerous fate on his eighteenth birthday? Take up the research his father was pursuing at the time of his death, to clear Arnold’s name.

Whisked off to a boarding school populated by other descendants of notorious American traitors, it’s a race to discover the truth. But if Jasper doesn’t find a way to uncover the evidence his father was hunting for, he may end up paying for the sins of his forefathers with his own life.

My Review:

Goodreads – 5/5 Stars

“Run,Die, Or Kill”

I am really not a big fan of history, but Matthew Landis has made learning a little about it fun. I really enjoyed all the mentions of the different historical figures. League of American Traitors  is a roller coaster ride that’s for sure. A mix of past and present. I loved the main characters sense of humor. He also had great sarcasm. The writing is all around both humorous and serious.

Every character in this book is defined by what their ancestor did and for some, like the True Sons of Liberty, that person is all they are. They live in the past, embrace it, but never want to be more than that. Meanwhile Jasper is trying to change everything for these two Leagues.

“General Washington never imagined that your ancestor would betray him,” Cyrus said. and now Arnold’s name is a synonym for traitor. Consider that the next time you put your full trust in anyone.”

I think the ending was pretty satisfying and I wouldn’t mind a sequel.  😉
I think this would also make a great action movie. I really liked all the gun-slinging scenes. Reminded me of National Treasure a little bit. If you’re a fan of History or not, Action, or a good thriller, I think you’d like this book.

Image result for american flag

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear them! ❤️️

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Lose Me In Summer Event : Giveaways and Quizzes!


Welcome to the most summery and romantic bookish event of 2017! There will be games and tons of giveaways, so come along to play, introduce yourself, make amazing friends, and win lovely books and bookish things.


BookCoverfront.jpgLose Me. by M.C. Frank

“Today is not the day I die.”

Ari Demos starts every day with this thought. Fresh out of high school, she’s landed a coveted role as a stunt double in a new Pride and Prejudice adaptation starring the Hollywood phenomenon Weston Spencer. But this job isn’t going to be easy: Ari will be performing complicated water stunts and driving fast cars along the narrow cliffs of Corfu. One false step and she could lose not only her job, but her life. And then Wes Spencer, Mr Darcy himself, arrives in Greece. He’s got dirty blonde hair, a mile-long yacht and a bored look on that gorgeous face. Ari wants nothing to do with the rich actor boy, but on the day she meets him, she has an accident. One that almost claims her life. And now she can’t hide from the truth any longer: She might be much closer to losing everything than she thought. She might be dying. And the British actor is the last person she’d expect to save her life. She’s a hard-working island girl. He’s adored by millions. Falling in love was never supposed to be a part of the job. Staying alive was never supposed to be a part of growing up. Was this story ever meant for a happily ever after?
Recommended for fans of: Pride and Prejudice, Colleen Hoover, The Fault in Our Stars, K-dramas like Boys Over Flowers, Jennifer L. Smith, Gayle Forman, Nicola Yoon.
Marketed as: High-quality contemporary fiction for young and new adults, with a lot of depth and an intense amount of romance.
(Current) Rating : 4.57 out of 5 from reviews (27)
Release date: 4/11/2017
Pages: 367
Retail price: 15.99 USD (Physical Copy)
ISBN-13: 978-1542519502
Genre/Categories: Young Adult, New Adult, College, Romance, Contemporary, Coming Of Age

Image result for lose me by mc frank


You can check out my review here!
Review: Lose Me by M.C. Frank

You can read the first 3 chapters HERE for FREE!

Lose Me is available for purchase on Amazon
Check it out on Goodreads
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Join the Facebook Event Here there will be a lot of fun games and opportunities to win prizes!


Fun Quizzes!

What is Your Prefect Summer Vacation Destination?Perfect Summer Vacation

City, island or town? Based on the exotic locations of Lose Me. by M.C. Frank, this quiz will help you decide your next travel destination! Let’s play.
Find out HERE!

I got Greek Island! After reading this book I definitely would love to!



Who is your modern Mr. Darcy?Your Mr. Darcy Are you dreaming of a real-life Mr. Darcy to sweep you off your feet? Then look no further. Lose Me, the hot new romance of a British actor and a stunt girl, who film a modern Pride and Prejudice adaptation on a Greek island, has all the answers. These guys are as good as it gets: swoony, brainy, filthy rich and perfect for every taste. And what’s more, they live in our world, so you don’t have to time travel to Jane Austen’s London. Are you ready to discover your very own Mr. Darcy? Click HERE to find out!
I got Bingley! 😍

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or comments feel to comment below! I’d love to hear them! Also feel free to let me know what you got on the quizzes! ❤
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Blitz and GIVEAWAY: Shattered Worlds Box Set


About Shattered Worlds

Shattered Worlds.pngEscape into twenty-three epic worlds that will leave you breathless.
From dystopian nightmares to gorgeous steampunk and fantasy settings to fairy-tale retellings and beyond, SHATTERED WORLDS has every story you’ve been dying to get your hands on!
This unique Young Adult/New Adult collection, inspired by the creative minds of today’s New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors, promises to satisfy your cravings for action and adventure as you experience rune magic and time-travel, overthrow corrupt governments, meet reapers and aliens, battle dragons, fall hopelessly in love, and break ancient curses, right alongside some of the bravest characters in fantasy fiction!

Each book within this collection is exclusive to the set and can’t be found anywhere else.

Preorder now for your passport to SHATTERED WORLDS for just 99cents!

Available August 8th, 2017!

Purchase Links

Amazon // iBooks // Nook // Kobo // Google Play


One of the Author’s I am most excited about reading her series is, Jane Redd aka Heather B. Moore. Her book Mistress Grim is in this awesome box set.


35423448The Synopsis

The Grim Reaper has been collecting souls of the dead for hundreds of years, but even the Master of Death has to pass on his reign. Unfortunately, his progeny is not quite ready to replace him.

Cora Grim, daughter of the Grim Reaper, is suddenly thrust into her father’s role. Leaving the Underworld on her own to bring back the dead souls, she discovers that the Master of Death neglected to tell her one thing. She can still fall in love.


About Jane Redd


jane-reddWriting under Jane Redd, Heather B. Moore is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of more than a dozen historical novels set in ancient Arabia and Mesoamerica. She attended the Cairo American College in Egypt and the Anglican International School in Jerusalem and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University. She writes historical thrillers under the pen name H.B. Moore, and romance and women’s fiction under the name Heather B. Moore. It can be confusing, so her kids just call her Mom.
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Shatterd Worlds_Full.png

All of the Shattered Worlds Authors

J.L. Weil, USA Today Bestselling Author

J.A. Culican, USA Today Bestselling Author

J.A. Armitage, USA Today Bestselling Author

N.R. Larry, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

Jane Redd, USA Today Bestselling Author

Miranda Hardy, USA Today Bestselling Author

Julie Hall, International Bestselling Author

Cameo Renae, International Bestselling Author

Jen Minkman, International Bestselling Author

Cindy M. Hogan, Bestselling Author

Elana Johnson, Bestselling Author

Rebecca Rode, International Bestselling Author

Audrey Grey

Nichole Giles

Katy Haye

Cortney Pearson

Elizabetta Holcomb

Ali Winters

Kristy Tate

Liz Long

AG Henley

Ainsley Shay

Jay Noel

Emily Martha Sorensen

(Click the author’s name to visit their site!)

Shattered Worlds Boxed Set Trailer


Giveaway & Shattered Worlds Pre-Release Party

The Shattered Worlds authors have generously offered to give away 17 e-books to one winner. Fill out the form to enter! Open INT.


Enter Here!

For 99 cents you really can’t beat that price guys. I am almost positive every single one of these books are going to be great and are worth more than 99 cents. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or comments feel to comment below! I’d love to hear them! ❤
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Book Blitz and GIVEAWAY: Veritas by Quinn Coleridge

The Synopsis:

Veritas by Quinn Coleridge
Publication date: July 13th 2017
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Historical

The ghosts are angry, thinking I’ve neglected them.

Do not forget us, they call out from the grave.

I won’t, I promise them. Upon my life, I won’t.

Being a demigoddess in 1892 Stonehenge, Colorado isn’t all one might suppose, especially when the dead are involved. Yet as Veritas of the Rocky Mountain sovereignty, it is Hester Grayson’s calling to help restless spirits cross over by bringing their killers to justice. Blind and pale as an albino, she dwells on the fringes of the nouveau riche, working with her telepathic beau Tom Craddock to catch the guilty.

When a young woman is brutally murdered, Hester and Tom are determined to solve the case as they have every other. But this one demands more. The killer wears many faces and wields greater magic than even Hester possesses. All sleuthing stops, however, when Tom is gravely wounded, and Hester is cast out of her parent’s mansion into the brutal squalor of an asylum.

At the mercy of an insane doctor, surrounded by agitated ghosts, Hester fights to maintain her own sanity by planning her escape and the downfall of her enemies. Can she achieve her goal and expose the madman who sent her to hell? Or will he continue his bloody reign in Stonehenge?

Goodreads / Amazon

An EXCERPT From Veritas:

My prayer for relief goes unanswered, and faces flash through my mind. Those I saw in my last vision, the one initiated when the doctor touched my skin. Men, women, old, young—they appear and blur a moment later, shifting into the next person. All of Faust’s victims are deep-branded inside me. They are angry, thinking I’ve neglected them.

Do not forget us, they call out from the grave. I won’t, I promise them. Upon my life, I won’t.

The ghosts tell me to find the Book and steal it. Escape the asylum and expose Faust to the world. Let him answer for every crime, they say, condemned by his own words. If only these spirits could be a bit more specific. How exactly do I escape to do their bidding? Have they any suggestions? But the dead only wail and cry for justice. Blasted ghosts always leave the finer points of the plan for me to figure out.

Further enraged by my hesitation, they cause me to burn hotter. All right, all right, I reply through my psyche. As you wish, I so promise. Truth vibrates through the Pit, and the dead finally set my body free. They have accepted my vow, for the moment, but might be less forgiving tomorrow if I don’t take action. I work for a very impatient crowd.

Most people belong to another in some capacity, as a daughter or son, a sister, spouse, or neighbor, but the inmates of this place have been forgotten. They have no one to speak for them, or to avenge their wrongs. And so I’m here, dumb and blind, to serve as the mouthpiece of the wretched, whether I like it or not. That brazen hussy Fate does love a paradox.

Ironically, serving the dead gives me a reason to live, to go on breathing each day. It answers Hamlet’s eternal question of whether to be or not to be with an affirmative. That is why I crawl about the Pit on my knees, searching for a palm-sized piece of metal. It has been hidden and used many times by the inmates before me. I find the broken iron strip and turn toward the northern wall. The rough surface is covered with spider webs and dirt, but something else as well.


Hundreds of them have been scratched into the crumbling stone with this strip of iron. I trace the curves and the straight lines of the letters, as I did with my alphabet stencils at home. Of sound mind, one inmate wrote, never insane. In another place, I find Hungry, God Sees, and Died Alone. I scrape the iron against rock. Over and over, until each letter is formed, perfect and smooth. Wiping the sweat from my brow, I blow the dust away from my masterpiece, my call to arms.





$25 Amazon gift card

3x signed copies of Veritas


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or comments feel for to comment below! I’d love to hear them! ❤
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