#UncriticalJune18 – Shadowhunter Giveaway

Hello everyone!

It’s June and that means I’ve been doing this for one whole year! Wow I can’t believe it has been a year! Time certainly has flown. June is also my birthday month! So why not giveaway a big prize!

You may notice that this months prompt is Shadowhunter themed. I love my Shadowhunters so why not spread the love for them during this special month!

The Grand Prize Winner will win a surprise box packed full of Shadowhunter merch. I’m sure any Shadowhunter fan will love it!

The 2 runner ups will win any paperback book they want from Amazon or Book Depository!

Each day you guys do a prompt enters your name to win the giveaway! Rules and more ways to gain more entries will be on my Instagram post on Critic_Uncritical_Bookworm  

Just encase your not a shadowhunter fan or don’t have that much shadowhunter stuff. There’s also a option each day to do another bookish prompt.

I am so very excited! I hope you all will join in!

Below I will explain each prompt in detail just encase you guys don’t understand one!

Have fun and good luck! ❤


junechal (1)


  1. #JuneTBR – What do you plan to read this month?
  2. Angelic//Perfect Books – Lets see the angelic rune or books that are just perfect to you.
  3. Loyal//Loyal Character – Loyal Rune or Loyal Characters
  4. Knowledge//Smartest Characters – Knowledge Rune or Smartest Characters you know!
  5. Shadowhunter Merch – Lets see your fav Shadowhunter or if you don’t have any simply your fav bookish merch.
  6. Magnus Bane//Blue Books – It’s Wednesday so you can celebrate #booksnotbullies as well.
  7. Persuade//Persuavive Characters – Persuade Ruin or some of your most favorite persuavive characters.
  8. Power//Powerful Reads – Power Rune or your most fav powerful read, something that really speaks to you.
  9. Clarvioant Sight//Futuristic Books
  10. Clary Fray//Red Books – Maybe try a giant book spiral if your up to it!
  11. Angels and Demons//Good VS Evil
  12. Love//Your Fav – Love Ruin or Anything that is your favorite.
  13. Fearless – Fearless Ruin or a fearless book or character.
  14. Parabatai//Best Friends – Parabatai ruin or Your Fav Parabatai or Fav Bookish Best Friends
  15. Today is my birthday! I’ll be 25. I feel so old. I know I’m not really, but it sucks. haha. Anyway let’s celebrate! Post anything you want today!
  16. Heightened Speed//Fast Reads – Rune or A book or series that you just blew through.
  17. Stealth//Stealthy Characters – Rune or your Fav stealthy characters, maybe an assiassain? =]
  18. Jace Wayland//Glowing Covers- A post dedicated to Jace or just some beautiful glowing covers. I think of glowing covers when I look at the shadowhunter books!
  19. Strnghth//Strong Characters – Rune or your fav most strong character
  20. Deflect//Books With Twists – Rune or a book you can think of with so many great twists!
  21. Alec Lightwood//Black Books – A Alec post or some black books maybe some black spines.
  22. Shadowhunter Merch! – Yes, Again! Refer to day five for the help info. ❤
  23. #Shadowhunter Saturday – Everything or anything shadowhunter related.
  24. Shadowhunter #shelfie – Is there a dedicated section of your book shelf to the shadowhunter books? Lets see it! If you don’t a regular shelfie it is!
  25. Izzy Lightwood//Flashy Books
  26. The Infernal Devices – Anything and everything to do with this series!
  27. The Dark Artifacts – Anything and everything to do with series!
  28. The Mortal Instruments – Anything and everything to do with series! Do you have any of the Mortal Instruments? You should totally use them in todays prompt! Might get you an extra entry for the giveaway! ❤
  29. Shadowhunter Candles or just ordinary candles.
  30. #JuneBookHaul – What books did you get this month?
  31. #JuneWrapup – What books did you read this month?


If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear them! I hope to see your photos under #UncriticalJune18! 😉
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