#UncriticalJuly – Instagram Challenge


Hello Everyone! 😀

June I hosted my first challenge on Instagram and I am having so much fun seeing everyone’s photos, I decided to host another in July! So here is #UncriticalJuly!

Again this month, I will be including a giveaway for a $10 Amazon or Book Depository Voucher!

Each day you guys do a prompt enters your name to win the giveaway! Rules will be on my Instagram post on Critic_Uncritical_Bookworm

I am so very excited! I hope you all will join in! I think the prompts will be alot of fun for all bookworms!

Below I will explain each prompt in detail just encase you guys don’t understand one!

Also to make it a little easier on you busy bookworms on the weekends there is just one prompt that you can either do on both days or just on one day that weekend.

Have fun and good luck! ❤

  1. July TBR – What books do you plan to read this month?
  2. Hardback Spines – Show off the spines of your beautiful hardback books!
  3. Last 5 Star Read – Last book you read that you gave 5 stars!
  4. Fav Fictional World – What is your favorite fictional world? Wonderland,Narnia,Westeros,Ketterdam?
  5. Pirates or Mermaids – Which do you like more? Love both? That is great! Let’s see your pirate and mermaid books and/or merch!
  6. Book and Face – Take a selfie with your book/s!
  7. #7BookishSins – Answer the 7 deadly questions –
    -Greed(A book you’ll never lend)
    -Lust(A book you love way to much)
    -Envy(A book you wished you lived in)
    -Glutony(A book you devoured)
    -Sloth(A unread book on your shelf that has been there far to long)
    -Wrath(A book that disappointed you)
    -Pride(Prettiest book you own)
  8. Weekend 1 –
  9. Shadowhunters or Wizards – Which do you like more? or if you want you could do one day for Shadowhunters and one for Wizards.
  10. Sorting Hat Non-Hp Character – Pick any book character as long as they’re not in the Harry Potter books and tell us what Hogwarts house you think they’d be in. Pick as many characters as you want!
  11. Bookish Jewelry – Show off your bookish jewelry! Don’t have any? That is perfectly okay! Show us some jewelry you think a book character would wear!
  12. #booksnotbullies (blue books) – Show off some blue books for the Book Not Bullies movement! 😀
  13. Books and Music – Show some musical books or some random books with your favorite CDs or musical merch or even throw in a instrument!
  14. Tessomancy – Tessomancy is the art of reading tea leaves to predict events in the future. Tessomancy is taught as part of the Divination course at Hogwarts.

    Image result for tessomancyOn the photo to the left is some of the different things you could see in a tea reading. Remember Harry got the Grim! Get some Tea Leaves or Coffee grounds and make your own Tasseomancy! 😀

  15. Weekend 2-
  16. Cow Appreciation Day (15th) – Spread the love of cows this weekend, especially the 15th since that is actually Cow Appreciation Day
  17. Hunger Games – Show some love for The Hunger Games because today is Donald Sutherland’s Birthday! He is the actor who played President Snow!
  18. Current Read – What is the book you are currently reading?
  19. Sherlocked – Show some love for Sherlock Holmes! Today is Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday! He is the actor who plays Sherlock on the BBC show Sherlock!
  20. Book Jumper – If you could jump into books, what books would you jump into travel?
  21. Fav Side Character – Who is your favorite side character of any book?
  22. Weekend 3 –
  23. Flowers – Lets see some photos of flowers with of course books!
  24. Fav Character Into A Mix Drink – Today is National Tequila Day! So lets celebrate by turning one of our favorite book characters into a mix drink! Maybe they’d be a fruity drink or maybe they are more of a Irish Coffee. Try to make up a mix drink that never existed with ingredients based off the characters personality. BONUS POINTS if you actually make it! 😂
  25. Book and Animal – Take a photo of a book with your pet or bust out your favorite stuffed animals or find a random wild animal! Whatever suits you! ❤
  26. Favorite Vampire – Today is Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday! She plays Selene in the Underworld movies! So who is your favorite Vampire of all time? Is it Edward Cullen? Maybe Lestat de Lioncourt? Selene? Tell us!
  27. Open Book – Open any book and take a photo!
  28. Time Travel – Show of some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff or a time travel themed book!
  29. Weekend 4 –
  30. Fairylights and Neville Longbottoms Bday(30th) – This weekend any day you can take a photo with fairylights anywhere in it. The 30th is Neville’s birthday though so you might want to show him some love as well.
  31. Wrap-Up – What books did you read this month? Also today is J.K Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday!

    If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear them! I hope to see your photos under #uncriticaljuly! 😉

Twitter-The Booksih_Life
Litsy- Critic_Uncritical_Bookworm



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