Bookish Weekly Recap

What’s Going On In My Life

Hello Everyone!

June so far has been full of a lot of rain. I am really not a big fan of rain so I really would like it to go away and not come back another day. Since it’s been raining so much I mostly stayed inside. I watched a lot of movies. One being a new movie that is made by YouTube Red, called The Thinning. It was surprising really good and I hope they make a sequel.

Book Haul So Far


So far I have only gotten two books. A Million Junes by Emily Henry was my choice from the Book of the Month this month. I received The Extraction List by Renee N. Meland in a giveaway. I already completed The Extraction List and you can check out my Review: The Extraction List By Renee N. Meland.

Currently Reading


I’ve been so excited to read this book and I finally had time to start reading Crooked Kingdom yesterday! I’m only 70 pages in and I am loving it. I really loved Six of Crows and if you are interested in hearing about that you can check out my Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

My Bookstagram Over The Week

Here are my Instagram Posts over the last week. You can follow me at: Critic_Uncritical_Bookworm



Current Challenges/Giveaways


Over on my Instagram I am hosting a challenge and a giveaway is included. It’s not to late if you want to join. 😀 I’d love to see what creative photos you come up with. ❤ To qualify for the giveaway you just have to do at least 7 prompts. Every prompt you do gets your name entered in the giveaway. So you could have your name put in a total of 30 times. If you do all 30 you’ll get an extra 5.

More details here on my blog post #uncriticalbirthdaychallenge and on my Instagram


Thanks for reading my post! Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions. ❤



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