YA Characters Go To Prom

Today I saw Epic Reads blog post “If YA Characters Went To Prom” and I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to try my own! Be sure to click the clickable clink to their blog post and check it out also. Now for my version. 🙂

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It’s prom season! My prom was actually in April but, that was five year ago. My friends and I actually got in a fender bender on the way to prom so we were late. So that kinda ruined it for me. If only I could have gone with Edward Cullen or someone, maybe that would have changed things. 😉

If I was going to prom this year, I would choose to go with Kaz Brekker. That’s if he would be willing to take me. I might have to possible bribe him with a few kruges and look past the fact he probably won’t want to touch me at all. But come on, it’s Kaz! Chilling by the punch bowl would be just fine with me.
Who would you want to take you to prom?

Now for the main event!

The Promposals!


Katniss and Gale

Before Katniss entered the Hunger Games, before she met Peeta Mellark. District 12 had a prom.
Katniss and Gale are on a hunt in the woods for food.
Atleast that is what Katniss thinks.
Katniss and Gale walk to their special place hidden by thistle bushes, where they can see clearly into the valley. To Katniss’s surprise Gale has set out bread and cheese from Prim’s goat. Katniss then turns to Gale seeing him holding up a fishing net with shells hanging off it, spelling out “PROM?”
Results: I think there is a definite possibility of Katniss saying YES! Hopefully this moment will keep her from falling in-love in the future Hunger Games with Peeta. Gosh, I hate Peeta.


Patch and Nora

It would probably start with Patch breaking into Nora’s house and scaring the crap out of her.
“How did you get in?”
“I move in mysterious ways.”
“God moves in mysterious ways. You move like lightning-here one moment, gone the next.”
He’d probably disappear not to long after that and Nora would find a note on her pillow saying,”Prom, Angel?”

Results:  Of course Nora is going to geek out about that little note and say yes. Then when the day comes and they see each other in their outfits. Patch will most definitely make a comment about taking a article of clothing off.

cressThorne and Cress

Cinder and the gang are up to tricks again. Just like at Scarlet and Wolf’s wedding. This time though the trick is on Cress! Cress is chilling at Kai’s palace with the gang while Thorne is no where in sight. Of course it was almost impossible for Cinder and Scarlet to tear Cress from Thorne’s side. But they managed it. Kai suggests to have lunch out on rooftop of the palace. When all of a sudden here comes the Rampion, zooming on to the landing pad with “Prom?” painted on the side of it.

Results: Of course Cress is going to ball and get super excited, but not as excited as Iko.

Kady and Ezra



Result: ByteMe: Yes

Happy Prom Season!!!

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you agree or disagree with my promposal predictions. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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